what are covid 19 tests?

  1. Anti-body test

Also known as serological tests, are used to find out the presence of virus in a body. In this method of testing, blood samples are used to find anti-bodies. This process also detects the quantity of antibodies that are produced by the immune system.

It is an indirect method of testing as it cannot find the virus, but can determine if the immune system has encountered it. Anti-bodies can show up between 9-28 days after the infection has set in. By this time, an infected person can spread the disease, if not isolated.

2. RT-PCR Test

The RT-PCR test is a method of testing by taking a nasal/throat swab from a patient. It involves extracting ribonucleic acid or RNA, which is the genetic material of the virus.

If it shares the same genetic sequence as SARS-CoV-2 virus, then it is deemed positive. This form of testing can turn negative only if the actual sample does not carry the virus, or if it was not administered properly.

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